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When you have a business that you are running online you cannot afford to be feeling your way about in the dark. You need to have your numbers at the tips of your fingers and literally know what is happening where and to what at any given time. Now keeping up with such massive amounts of data manually is next to impossible. You need an assistant to get you all this data so that all you have to do is act on it to help your business get better.

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Well the best assistant you can ever get to inform you of how you are doing online is the Rank tracker. With a tool as useful as the Rank tracker SEO becomes so easy it could be child’s play. The rank tracker is part of a four-part package called the SEO Powersuit and it is essential if you own a website that you need to earn you money and rank your business highly on search engine results.

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When people hear about amazing tools such as the rank tracker they immediately begin to worry about cost. Well no need for you to worry about price with this particular one. The Rank tracker comes in three different versions each offering you a different price option. There is the Rank tracker free, the Rank tracker pro and the Rank tracker enterprise. Although they have different prices, they all serve the same purpose and are meant for different types of businesses at different levels of growth. Whatever type of business you are running one of the three will most definitely suit you and fit within your budget.

So what exactly does the rank tracker allow you to do once you have it in your possession? Well tons of things. First and foremost you need to understand that Rank tracker reviews online will have all sorts of information, some accurate, some not. Some may even be very negative. The best thing to do is ensure that you carry out your own research or even try out the free version of the tool before going for one of the priced ones. That said the rank tracker enterprise allows you to do a comprehensive research on your keywords. With this tool (as well as the other two versions) you can get data from Google trends as well as get a lot of data that relates to your particular keyword. Some of the information you can get includes the keywords suggested for your niche, Keyword efficiency index, Keyword efficiency index updates, competing sites and their actual number, data not just from major players like Google but also from other search engines like bing and yahoo and so much more.

The other beautiful feature offered by the Rank tracker pro is the ability to check your actual rank online. This is not only ranking in terms of ranking on search engines. If you have never used this tool rank tracker reviews available online will indicate that you can get your ranking on search engine result pages, on sites like YouTube, on Google places as well as on Images. How awesome is this? You would never be able to gather all this information manually and this is one of the major reasons why many people go for the rank tracker enterprise or pro. There is no point getting huge amounts of data if you cannot comprehend what they mean and what you should do as a result of having seen them. The creators of rank tracker are so cognizant of what their clients’ need that they provide a simple and easy to understand format for you to receive the results of the tracking. Charts and tables are available that present the data to you in a way that you can manipulate it easily and quickly to improve your ranking online.

What you will get?
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Like is the case with any amazing product, the rank tracker enterprise has a few downfalls although these are very minor. One disadvantage of the tool for example is that it does not run automatically and periodically to give you the latest updates on your position online. You have to keep running it to get the information you need. The other issue that most users report is that the slower the internet the connection the slower the rank tracker is at coming up with a report. This is understandable though because it does go online to pull the information you need. A fast and stable internet connection is therefore required. Also, if you have too many keywords related to your site that you need a report on the rank tracker pro might take longer than you might like. As an SEO master you may find the tool time consuming because you can only serve one client at a go. Two or more sets of data cannot be procured at the same time. Finally, the rank tracker tends to weigh down on the computer you are using if you run it for lengthy periods of time.

Now while the above are cons of the rank tracker enterprise and rank tracker pro, they are not insurmountable and they do not in any way overshadow the usefulness of the software. The rank tracker is part of the SEO powersuit but it can be purchased independently of the other three tools. It is definitely cheaper to get the four in one package as this provides a lot more value for money. If you need printed versions of your reports then the rank tracker enterprise is your best bet. The rank tracker is what every online business needs. The rank tracker purchase entitles you to a number of things including professional support from an expert team, updates on product improvements, software that is multilingual and can therefore find data on any search engine and professional looking reports that will impress any investors if the need to make a presentation should arise.

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