Facesniper Review (Yassir Ennazk): The Best Facebook Marketing Program

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Advertisers are being aided by Facesniper created by Yassir Ennazk, in using Facebook in order to expand their respective businesses and reach their target audiences effectively. This online membership application, acts as a system laser that targets Facebook users that are actively taking an interest in activities or topics related to the business in question. Growing a business’ fan following using a Facebook page, among its target audience has become a vital strategy to achieve business growth.

Accurate Facebook Targeting with Facesniper

A large number of active Facebook users that may like the firm’s Facebook page, are easily found by Facesniper. By tapping into this pool of current users, exposure and profits can be increased dramatically. An easy 3 step process is applied, namely, identifying the audiences, targeting them and finally availing the benefits.


Why you should try facebook marketing?

I realized how powerful facebook marketing is several years ago when I met a boy who I later realized he was just a high school student. He got a facebook fanpage of more than 100k likes and his site linked with the facebook has thousands of targeted visitors per day. The facebook page brought him about three thousand dollars without any SEO or other marketing.

After discussing with him I realized he built that facebook fanpage in just about 1 and half years from scratch. His way is to target the interested groups and the fans, then the traffic begin to flow in automatically. The cost is very low. The best part of it is all the audience are targetd and easy to bring high convertion if you choose right products to promote.

That’s when I begin to try facebook marketing myself and I have really successful experience in quickly building a large number of audience. Not like that high school boy, I took one step further by using Facesniper that can save you most of the time finding the right people! Even you have no idea what the facebook marketing it, with Facesniper you can still handle the way easily to do facebook target marketing effectively!

What you can get from Facesniper?

Facesniper aids in sorting out users, concentrating specifically on those that are most likely to respond to the business’ niche offers. A number of methodologies are available that will allow the program to:

Facesniper Review (by Yassir Ennazk) How to Do Facebook Target Marketing Effectively

– Identify and extract interested fans

Different types of people are attracted by Facebook pages although the level of their interest in the relevant topic might vary. Rather than targeting a huge unfiltered group, Facesniper targets users after judging their current activities. Businesses are offered the ability to narrow down the selected users to those that are commenting, sharing and liking currently. This, as a result increases the conversion rates as the people selected have a genuine interest in the niche that they are being provided with.

– Extracting and targeting active group members

This broad match search comparatively has a lower conversion rate than having to target individual fans. However, it is still quite productive as groups are made up of people who discuss specific topics collectively. A business can get more work and also improve its professional reputation by identifying and interacting with a group that is focused on its particular niche.

– Targeting Event Attendees

Although it might not seem much, but having the ability to directly message any attendee of an event can do wonders for a marketer. Other people’s events can now be turned into an income producing mechanism, using Facesniper. For instance, if properly implemented, assuming that the firm sells baby products, than the attendees of any event happening related to this niche can be targeted by Ads for items that they can buy, like strollers, cribs etc

– Identifying and extracting users that like a specific post

When having come across a post that is related to one’s company, the users that have liked that particular post can be extracted and targeted. This allows the company to make promotional offers to those who for sure have a liking or desire for the merchandise or the services that the company is offering.

– Targeting and then extracting email addresses

Sending numerous amounts of emails to users is regarded as spam, and is less likely to make them buy the offered merchandise; therefore, it is not really recommended. However, this feature can also be used in a productive way, by sending invites to the users to come and like the company’s Facebook page in order to grow its brand, instead of just sending them offers. Once their attention and loyalty is gained, strategies can be adopted in order to turn these new fans into customers.

– Reaching popular users

Some users of Facebook, as compared to others have a lot of sway. Facesniper aids in finding these specific users, so that once they start endorsing the brand in question, other people who trust them will start following suit. This would indeed result in sky rocketing sales.

Money back guaranteed!

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Using the services of Facesniper has its perks. Firstly, it allows a business or individual to grow their Facebook page audience free of cost. Secondly, it expands one’s list for free while also providing automatic reminders that keep the targeted audiences active and fresh. Thirdly, it has the facility of free of cost training videos that allow every feature to be implemented and used effectively. And lastly, using Facesniper reduces one’s advertising costs, and if there is any problem, they have a dedicated support team, ready to solve or answer any queries.

A large number of Facebook Marketing tools are being used by people everywhere, but Facesniper has proved to be the easiest in terms of usage and its functions make use of all the aspects of Facebook. Constant fresh leads are gained without any additional cost, and there is now no need to pay for Facebook Ads when direct marketing can be done with this software.

Facesniper testimonals

Facesniper Review (by Yassir Ennazk) How to Do Facebook Target Marketing Effectively


Download Facesniper and start to grow your business with facebook marketing today!


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